Everyone is asking me what I have been doing. They noticed my face was thinning and my clothes were getting baggier! THAT just confirmed even more that your plan works – and it gave me the drive to keep on doing it! –Lisa Morey

I’m finally finding myself again… it’s been years and I’ve missed who I was. – Lamonica

I lost 30 pounds after taking your nutrition class a year and a half ago and the best part is that I’ve kept it off! People ask me how I did it and I tell them about you. Thanks for making a difference in my life! – Doris

“I cannot function normally. All the specialists are clueless and cannot help so I went searching for a holistic doctor and someone referred me to you. I am so exhausted sometimes I can’t even get off the couch and it’s worse around my period. My bowels don’t move but every 3 days and they are abnormal with mucus and foul smell. I feel dizzy and foggy. I can’t get rid of this anxiety and tremors. I can only get about 3 hours of sleep at a time at night. I feel like my body is attacking itself. I need someone to give me answers.”
2 months later: “After thorough reading, I don’t think I have Meniere’s Disease like one of my doctors had diagnosed me with – I think you have pegged it with Adrenal Dysfunction. I don’t know how to express my gratitude toward you for hanging with me through this. Anyone else would throw up their hands and say sorry! I know I am better than I was and I can’t wait to be well all the way! You are truly a Godsend.”
1 month later: “I definitely am better than I was and I am so grateful that God put you in my life when he did! You are awesome at what you do.”
 – -Angie R. 42yo Female, Arkansas

“So I’ve always said I’d never eat a diabetic diet if I got diabetes. Well, here I am with diabetes and heart disease. You made it so easy to understand which made it easier for me to follow. My HgbA1c is down from 12 to 5.3 now! And my cholesterol has dropped from 236 down to 183. My coworkers are asking me what diet I’m on and I’ve learned to reply, “I’m not on a diet, only a lifestyle change.” So you’ve made my wife happy because of how much this has changed me for the better. We have started walking in the evenings together too and even got our kids to ride the bikes alongside us so it’s actually been a good change for our family. I appreciate your help and I’ve given several people your contact info when they’ve asked who has helped me.”
 – – Robert G 39 yo Male, Texas

“I appreciate you taking me on as a client even though we are several states apart. My recent naturopath doctor didn’t offer the Dutch testing you offer nor the SHAPE support that I needed. I need accountability-it my track record so a weekly meeting has helped me so much! And I wish I had the Dutch testing a long time ago. It would have saved me a couple years of better sleep and sex hormone regulation for sure! My husband thanks you for this btw! 🙂 I’m feeling so much better throughout the day now. My energy is about how it was about 7 years ago right before my health started declining. So I am starting to feel like myself again. The encouragement to see a mental health therapist regarding my childhood trauma has been a step in the right direction I think. I am beginning to understand what you meant by “we are a mind-body-spirit connection and we need whole-body healing.” I’m getting more comfortable in my own skin now and I have you to thank for that. So now that I have lost 22#s, I only have 12#s more to go before I will allow myself to go shopping even though my clothes are falling off. You’ve given me so many lifestyle tools for this. Thank you for all you do!”
–Ava W. 56yo Female, Michigan

“I’m so glad you do telemedicine! I could not find a functional medicine practitioner in my area. Oh, and by the way, no more stomach pains and rashes! I’ve stuck to the plan you made out for me, with the exception of being more relaxed on vacation about it, and my 20 plus years of stomach issues are now resolved. I’m telling everyone about you!”
– Stephanie M, Tennessee

“Oh my goodness you saved my life! I knew it was adrenal dysfunction but no one would listen to me! You are a lifesaver! I’m sticking to my plan and in just 3 weeks I can already tell me energy level is so much improved! The supplements you have me taking at night has really helped my sleep. Even though I loved my whole pot of coffee in a day, I’ve gotten very use to 1-2 cups now and I can see how that excess caffeine I use to drink had affected me. I just didn’t see it or feel it as I slowly increased the caffeine. I guess the body gets adjusted but you don’t realize the damage it’s doing over a slow buildup over time? Well, anyways I feel and see it now and I just didn’t realize I was hurting my own body by drinking that much. You are a difference maker!”
– Rebecca P.,35 yo F, Arkansas