Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Unfortunately, insurance does not recognize Functional Medicine prevention, intervention, and wellness nor does it cover testing, so it is all considered cash-pay.  With that being said, Care Credit will not pay for services; however, FSA & HSA Cards DO PAY since they are run just like a credit card.

You will get 2-3 reminder texts and emails for your upcoming appointment.  You have up until 24 hours to cancel or reschedule your appointment through that text or email.  Since we have people on a waiting list to get in, we do kindly request you reschedule your appointment as soon as possible.  If you try to cancel in less than 24 hours or are a no-show, you will be charged for a “no-show visit” at the full amount.  However, if there is an emergency that has come up, please contact us.   We do understand life happens!

Functional medicine is catered to root cause healing, systems balancing, and we encompass the “whole” person (mind-body-spirit).  I want to encourage you to take a look under the “What to Expect” tab on the main page to give you a really deep dive into what functional medicine can do for you.  OR you can choose to do the 15 minute Discovery to find out if this is right for you.  Please note that the Discovery is NOT a consultation so medical advice will not be given regarding your particular issue.

Yes, I carry basic healing supplements in the office and anyone (even non-clients) can purchase them.  Another route is to go to the Shop tab on top of the main page of my website.  Click on FullScript and plug in your shipping address and you can have functional medicine quality supplements shipped straight to you!

Absolutely NOT.  Food is your medicine. Food is your cellular communication. Food is your prescription. Food is your fuel. Food is your energy.  We focus on food first, always.  Supplements are just that… supplemental.  They are used to assist in the healing and balancing phase.  Most people in the United States need to be on only 4 basic supplements consistently.  We can discuss those in your initial consultation!

Definitely! There’s several interlinking parts to why you are experiencing these symptoms and we can get to the root of them and get your body back in balance!

110% yes!! I believe in a team approach when it comes to WHOLE body healing. Each category brings their unique healing skills to the table. Sometimes we overlap a little, but maybe that is just meant to happen to make sure you are staying on track with your health journey.

There were a few studies done stating here is an average of 80% of Americans have parasites or liver flukes and 99% of them do not know it. So here’s my question… Why do you de-worm your pets yearly yet you neglect to de-worm yourself? We get parasites in multiple ways. So yes, I can test you for parasites and I can treat you for parasites. And no, it is not a requirement to send me pics of your parasites you have passed. 😊