What To Expect

Working with a Functional Medicine Practitioner is a new experience for most people, so let’s briefly go through a few aspects of what makes this process unique and valuable.

Unlike a tradition doctor visit, which is often short and symptomatic, working with Christie Brooks will allow you to have your own health coach, have a road map of what lead up to this point of health, and the step by step actions she will walk with you on to feeling well again. Since the gut is where all nutrients are absorbed… or not absorbed, we will start there. That is your foundation.  After that we move on into more Lifestyle Medicine such as stress/trauma and sleep since they all affect the Nervous System which then affects the functioning of other body systems.  She covers hormone balancing (thyroid, sex hormone, insulin, and adrenal hormones to name a few) to get your energy and vitality back.   If weight loss is your goal, healing from within has to take place first.   As both a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Registered Dietitian, Christie Brooks’ unique strength is helping you get to the root cause,  give you answers, a plan, and hope.

How to Get Started:

Every new patient begins with our complete “Symptoms to Solutions” Consultation.

Once you book, you will get access to our Practice Better Portal where you set up your own password.

Once you get your password, you will have access to the Intake form, which will need to be COMPLETED IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE and TURNED IN 7 DAYS BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT to keep your appointment.  This completed detailed form is necessary for the analyzation process that takes place a few days before your appointment.  (Please Note: if we do not receive the form in due time, we will need to reschedule you to a later date).

To Complete your Intake Form:

  1. Download the link to your computer.
  2. Complete the answers in as much detail as possible.
  3. Save it.
  4. Upload it back into the Practice Better Portal Documents.
  5. Easy.

To Communicate to Staff:

Go the the Chat box icon in the Practice Better Portal  or contact Roxie, our Office Assistant, at ChristieBrooksRD.assistant@gmail.com

When you Arrive to your  Symptoms to Solutions First Appointment:

When you arrive, please check in on the check-in pad on the desk.  Feel free to take a seat and browse through any educational brochures that interest you. Once we finish with our client before you, we will call you back.

Length of First Appointment:

Typically appointments last 1.5-2 hours.  We will have a typed up analysis from your Intake Form for you to take home and read over. We will cover as much of this as we can during your session; however, often we run out of time and that is okay!  The information we go over needs to be sustainable and doable.  So we will go at a pace you feel most comfortable, yet will still push you with a “healthy push.”

Follow Ups:

These look so different from one person to the next.  For some, they need accountability so we have follow ups every 1-2 weeks.  For others it might end up being every 3-4 weeks.  Then eventually, as the body heals, we start stretching it out to 6-8 weeks.  Not everyone has the same roadmap.  The goal is to help you heal and rebalance and get you to the point where we congratulate you at the final follow up.  We are not a one-size-fits-all and no one will be treated that way.


Get started on our road to feeling and looking better today with our full body diagnostic process.

During this process we will:

  • Analyze your health history and symptoms
  • Discuss lifestyle choices and challenges you’re facing
  • Run an InBody Body Fat Analyzer to help us set achievable body fat and muscle goals
  • Design Your Personal Health & Fitness Plan to Move Forward with Confidence
  • Within 1-3 weeks of your first Symptoms to Solutions appointment, you will have a free session with our Life and Health Coach, Brittany Pomeroy.

From eating right to the perfect exercise routine,  find the best path to a healthier and happier you!


Unfortunately, insurance does not cover functional medicine root cause healing.

Your non-refundable $75 deposit will hold your appointment and go towards your final appointment fee.  In case of no-show and last minute cancellation, you will choose to forego the deposit.  This is in place to make sure those who are desperately seeking help can get in sooner than having to wait after those who end up cancelling because they changed their mind last minute.

What to Wear:

For your InBody body fat/muscle analyzer, you will be asked to remove socks and shoes for the test. Wear light weight clothing. Don’t exercise or eat 4-6 hours before the InBody Test.