What to Expect
You will experience a different level of care with a Functional Medicine Provider. As a practitioner of Functional Medicine, I consider the patient as a whole, not just a set of symptoms. My focus is on identifying and treating the underlying root cause factors which cause pain, illness and chronic disease. My passion is to help the body heal and wean off prescription medications.

What To Expect

Functional Medicine requires you to spend a lot of time with the practitioner covering a multitude of factors that has led up to your current body systems malfunction. Your first visit for Functional Medicine will involve a 90-120 minute consultation, depending on current condition and history. During this comprehensive assessment, we will discuss your health history, complete a physical examination, and will determine what specialized testing is needed.

I will consider multiple factors including:

Environmental Influences Diet, physical activity, toxic exposures as well as traumas
Biological & Genetic Influences Regulation of hormones, digestion and absorption of nutrients, environmental and food allergies, immune system function and inflammatory responses
Mind-Body Connection Psychological, spiritual and social factors which influence your health and energy
Sleep and Stress
Based on the information provided on the Nutrition Intake Form, consultation, and test results, we will create a personalized treatment plan that will put you in control, and will teach you the skills needed to prevent disease and maintain optimal health. Your treatment plan will be tailored with ongoing modifications to meet your changing needs on an individualized basis.

Is Lab Work Needed?

Please provide current lab work (12 months or less) with your Intake Form if at all possible. If current lab work is needed, a lab testing time will be set up during the initial visit. Lab work is not included in consultation price and will be different depending on which labs are ordered.

Follow Up Appointments

Follow up visits will occur either after the blood work has been processed and scheduled based on practitioner availability (typically 2-3 weeks after the initial visit), OR if no lab work is necessary, a follow up visit will typically take place anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on the necessity of client’s health needs. These appointments last ~30-60 minutes.

Consultation Fees

Unfortunately, our modern health care system does not recognize preventative care so insurance does not pay. Therefore, all Functional Medicine is cash pay only.

Initial visit 90 minutes $190 or 120 minutes $250 ($125/hour)
Follow up visit 30 minutes $35 or 60 minutes: $70

So, What is the Nutrition Intake Form For?

By going over your detailed answers, Christie will extract vital information such as your current diet plan, stress levels, environmental exposures, sleeping patterns, and signs/symptoms of underlying body systems malfunction issues, etc. Your very detailed answers will allow the practitioner to gain a more thorough insight into what is going on within your body.

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I look forward to walking alongside you on your new health journey!


Get Started Here
Get Started Here

You can choose any of the programs: Lose It 1, Lose It 2, or SHAPE ReClaimed

OR if you don’t want a program or you possibly can’t decide if you want to do a program, no problem! Just mark the One Time Consult and we can discuss follow up visits or programs at your initial consultation.

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SHAPE ReClaimed Anti-Inflammatory Program

SHAPE ReClaimed™ is a safe, effective nanomolecular dietary supplement created to decrease total body inflammation, enhance immune function, detox and cleanse–all while reducing excess weight.

SHAPE ReClaimed is developed out of decades of clinical experience and is the foundation of our program. There is no limit on calories, but instead intuitive eating is the focus. A diet protocol will be provided with amounts based on your age/height/gender/activity level. The SHAPE Supplement is made of nature’s botanicals. What we’ve discovered is that the synergistic combination of ingredients in SHAPE ReClaimed, along with our total wellness program, is having astounding transformative health benefits. The result, in addition to weight loss, is a re-energized, revitalized you! Read More

Lose It 2

Lose It 2 (8 Months)

When you need accountability and you are done with the fad diets because nothing has seemed to work, THIS is your answer. This is the extended version of the LOSE IT 1 Program, but you get WAY MORE than what the LOSE IT 1 offers – almost TRIPLE the amount! In 31 weeks, you get:

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Lose It 1

Lose It 1 (4 months)

This program consists of 4 one-hour sessions PLUS 3 months of a Follow-Up Re-Measure/Re-Weigh Session:

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One Time Consult

One Time Consult

Are you just looking for nutritional counseling on various topics and not wanting to do the LOSE IT Program? This program will target main topics pertaining to your diagnosis and results from your completed Intake Form.

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Meal & Nutrition Prescription

New/Updated Meal Plan and Nutrition Prescription, no consultation provided – $60
You will be required to complete another Nutrition Questionnaire so that your meal plan and Nutrition Prescription will meet your current needs/goals.