Taking care of your physical body also known as the Lord’s temple, is
a balancing act: You must attempt to achieve physical wellness and
fitness without becoming narcisstic and self-consumed in your
approach.  Practicing healthy living and self-control can glorify God
and make you more effective in your daily walk with Him and your
relationships with others.  If you feel good, you usually have energy
and enthusiasm to share with family and friends.

Stress control, exercise, and dietary moderation are key elements of
total fitness (Phil 4:6,7).  You are to work toward self-control in
everything (1 Cor 9:25), especially consumption of food (Matt. 6:25)
and the use of alcoholic beverages (Eph 5:18).  You are to avoid
gluttony (Prov 23:20).

Also consider that Jesus and the apostles walked everywhere.  Most
people now get much less physical activity than God intended for the
human body.  Walking and other forms of exercise would be scheduled
into a daily routine.  Consistent daily activity an help people to
remain happy and fit.  Let Jesus’ walking ministry and balanced life
be an example as you develop your own fitness regimen and lifestyle.